February 2011 issue of Mythaxis Magazine out today!

Mythaxis continues to expand its readership without resort to cheap tricks and vampire movie reviews. We do not publish to a deadline, and can afford to wait until the right stories come along, which they have done in this issue once again.

Latest issue – issue 8 of Mythaxis Magazine.

In particular, Les Sklaroff, lifelong writer of very short fiction, has supplied us with two unlikely tales, “Conspiracy Theory” and “Spawn” and he promises more delights in our next issue.

Martin Clark unleashes another excellent story – “The Great Divide” – a thriller within a fantasy within a mystery.

This issue’s featured science fiction author of old is Lester Linesmith. There is an ‘original’ story from Linesmith together with an incisive biography of this pillar of the pulp era by Liam Baldwin. Liam’s movie blog was recently highlighted by BBC Radio 4’s Film programme. (He specialises in what you might call B-movies, or C-movies, if there were such a category).

“The Prophets Speak”, from Andrew Critchley, carries a clever idea to an ingenious extreme.

The chilling “Outpatients”, from Jonathan Joseph, completes this issue. You will not readily forget the pictures he leaves in your minds.

And where would we be without a cartoon from Liam Baldwin? Answers on a postcard, please.


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