Mythaxis Issue 10 is out today

The December 2011 Mythaxis is out today.

With this issue, its tenth, Mythaxis has
moved into double figures. And a fine edition it is, too.

We have another great story, a haunting one at that, from Les Sklaroff.

Martin Clark contributes a sequel – “All Avenues Closed” to the story he
gave us in issue 9 – “Let Every Voice be Still”.

Matthew Kirshenblatt delivers an atmospheric little story based on a
missing chapter.

Tom Davies contributes a weird little nightmare.

My own modest effort about an unusual NIMBY situation now seems rather
bland in comparison to the fevered imaginations of our other authors.

The issue is rounded off with two unconnected and separately contributed
stories of personal development from Andrew Leon Hudson and Jonathan
Joseph. When you read them you will understand why I felt compelled to
head them with fragments from Hieronymous Bosch.

If you’re thirsty for more, don’t forget the Authors’ Links page.


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