Short Story Awards

From now on, the editors at Mythaxis will be awarding prizes to the three best short stories in every edition, as voted by the editing team and readers. In keeping with the literary nature of our publication, these prizes will be in the form of books rather than money.

Let me be more precise. I have a large collection of books, mostly science fiction and fantasy, many very old in sf terms. Often, these books are no longer readily available, for various reasons (out of print, under-appreciated, magazine editions).

On this page, I have posted descriptions of ten books. If you win, you get to choose your prize from the books available.

So. This is a call for short stories for issue 12 of Mythaxis.

Closing date? Well, editors always need the text as soon as possible, but we can’t guarantee to include anything  we receive after 20 February.

Submission Rules here
Editorial Policy here


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