Mythaxis Issue 14 is out today

mythmakerThis is, as usual, a very varied issue. All the way from Les Sklaroff’s idiosyncratic Snoak City stories to Martin Clark’s Future Noir, by way of Jez Patterson’s thought-provoking dystopia, Liam Baldwin’s off-the-wall alternate history and Andrew Leon Hudson’s latest nightmare. Oh, and there’s one from your editor, too.

I am increasingly encouraged by the amount of quality writing from new writers. Of course, not every submission we receive at Mythaxis is of the standard we like to publish, and I find myself repeatedly turning to the small group of authors who produce stories I enjoy. However, it’s worth noting that, so far, I have been able to reply with constructive comments even to all those contributors I’m not going to publish. So, if you have a great sf or fantasy tale to tell, be sure to send it in. At the very least, you will get a supportive e-mail from me.

Mythaxis Magazine

Two important developments are introduced in this issue.

  • Part of the delay in producing this issue is accounted for by the revision of all previous issues to make them easily readable on small screens. Currently, I have tested it with browsers on screens as small as 240 x 320. Please let me know if you spot any problems with your own particular pda / phone /tablet. The job was made harder because once I’d made it all work on tiny screens, Internet Explorer on desktop refused to co-operate, even though every other browser in the universe was happy with the new formats, so I had to change it all again to suit IE. You’re welcome, Microsoft.
  • In the last two issues, we attempted to award prizes on the basis of voting forms from our readers. Despite there being many responses, the majority turned out to have been filled in by spambots. Further, despite our relatively large and growing audience, very few actual readers bothered to return their votes. So we will do what I should have done in the first place, and award a book prize to all contributors we publish, as from Issue 13.

So, settle back with your platform of choice and rejoice in the glow of original new stories, never before published.


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