William Gibson – Pattern Recognition

Image1This was the first of William Gibson’s set of very-near-future novels,

He is a science fiction author, originally focussed on the far future, though he more recently wrote a series of novels set in the twenties or thirties of this century.

This book, however, is set in the present, and is very approachable by the non-sf reader. The first part of the book, in particular, is rivetting to me. There are threads concerning advertising logos, the internet, film making, dead technology and more. He is basically a culture guru, and I particularly enjoyed his contrasts between New York and “mirror-world” London.

I’d commend it to anyone who enjoys modern novels.

When Pattern Recognition first came out, I was so entranced by the setting that I built a website illustrating many of the locations, which Gibson himself later admired.

This is the link for that site. It is called F:F:F.


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