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Mythaxis Issue 18 – The August 2016 issue

Yet another star-spangled edition of Mythaxis has hit the Web’s virtual news stand.

Stories from a number of regulars, and a comic strip from Liam Baldwin.

Our Master Index of Stories has been updated. Readers new to Mythaxis can access all our previous issues from the Mythaxis website.

New writers are always welcome. Submission details are here. We do not pay for stories, but successful authors are awarded a prize on publication.


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Issue 15 of Mythaxis is out now

The November 2014 issue of Mythaxis is out now. Eight original stories of fantasy and science fiction. Enjoy.

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Issue 12 of Mythaxis Magazine is now out

As promised, from now on, prizes will be awarded to the most popular stories in each edition of Mythaxis.

Today’s edition contains stories from regular contributors and from Tom Sheehan, a new author to Mythaxis, though he already has a distinguished portfolio of published work.

There are two strange contributions from Les Sklaroff and one from Peter Morrison, a couple of thrillers from Martin Clark, creepy little tales from Tom Davies and Andrew Leon Hudson, and a grim game-related cyberpunkish offering from Twilite Minotaur. There’s even a little sting in the tale from yours truly.


Enjoy… AND VOTE!

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Short Story Awards

From now on, the editors at Mythaxis will be awarding prizes to the three best short stories in every edition, as voted by the editing team and readers. In keeping with the literary nature of our publication, these prizes will be in the form of books rather than money.

Let me be more precise. I have a large collection of books, mostly science fiction and fantasy, many very old in sf terms. Often, these books are no longer readily available, for various reasons (out of print, under-appreciated, magazine editions).

On this page, I have posted descriptions of ten books. If you win, you get to choose your prize from the books available.

So. This is a call for short stories for issue 12 of Mythaxis.

Closing date? Well, editors always need the text as soon as possible, but we can’t guarantee to include anything  we receive after 20 February.

Submission Rules here
Editorial Policy here

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Mythaxis Issue 10 is out today

The December 2011 Mythaxis is out today.

With this issue, its tenth, Mythaxis has
moved into double figures. And a fine edition it is, too.

We have another great story, a haunting one at that, from Les Sklaroff.

Martin Clark contributes a sequel – “All Avenues Closed” to the story he
gave us in issue 9 – “Let Every Voice be Still”.

Matthew Kirshenblatt delivers an atmospheric little story based on a
missing chapter.

Tom Davies contributes a weird little nightmare.

My own modest effort about an unusual NIMBY situation now seems rather
bland in comparison to the fevered imaginations of our other authors.

The issue is rounded off with two unconnected and separately contributed
stories of personal development from Andrew Leon Hudson and Jonathan
Joseph. When you read them you will understand why I felt compelled to
head them with fragments from Hieronymous Bosch.

If you’re thirsty for more, don’t forget the Authors’ Links page.

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June 2011 issue of Mythaxis Magazine out today

We are proud that Mythaxis magazine has been running now since 2008 with nine issues so far. Many webzines collapse very much more quickly. My original intention was to present a science fiction and fantasy literary magazine with a façade that more closely resembled New Worlds magazine than some of the web-based sites that seem to exist to promote movies, tv series and sequels thereof.

I think we have succeeded in displaying some new talent in writing, and I am constantly pleased at the standard of our contributors. The only area I think I would like to see in future issues is some sf and fantasy art. I make it clear on the site that we are open to graphic content, but, so far, only Liam Baldwin’s cartoons (good though they certainly are) have appeared.

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New Style on Mythaxis Magazine Index and Author Pages

I have just made a small change to the format of the Index and Author pages for Issue 8. This should cause no problems, but please report if you see something peculiar on the website, because a new style sheet has been uploaded.

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